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Drifting Stardust

Drifting Stardust

 As you sit in bliss, without the eyes of another, it is not wasted. As it is the rain that falls in solitude, which gradually fills the blue, and it is a silent crack in the mountain that makes a home for the bluebird, and it is a blooming flower that stands alone from spring through summer, which bestows pollen to the bee and honey to the bear. As trees, hush the winds, they offer gold, to an autumn night, we all come from stillness, as everything always echoes in earth's chamber.

As the kindness in your eyes, brings a truth to my heart, just as stars wake in the comfort of darkness, nothing comes from nothing, stars create stars, thoughts create thoughts, movement creates movement and love creates love. Nothing originates, and everything re-creates, as we are all nothing but drifting stardust, in this timeless air. 

The wake of the past is now the dream of the night, the farther we look back, the wider we see. As it is in the depths of ourselves, that beauty sleeps. When will we see, that each time we take, the less we have, and the more we love, the less we fall. And until we reach out and hold the hands of all, we will be caught somewhere between emptiness and a fading heart.


With the gentle words you speak, as the air carries your thoughts to my ear, as does the ripple that becomes a crashing wave, like a grain of sand, which in time becomes a towering dune, and a simple kiss, that turns blue to red. The wind from your word will end in Impetuous lightening and hurricanes that will shape the mountains and caverns.

As you saunter to the ocean, bathe in the water of salt, breathe in its love and exhale it's air. As you get to the shore, stand in silence, and as you listen to the water meet the earth, and as you feel the cold on your toes and warmth in your heart, your body will smile. As your happiness from this moment of freedom, is its moment of happiness too, together you play, and together you love.

My friend you have seen only in gray, for time can make us drifters to ourselves, and the colors can hide, in our dreams of the morrow. As day turns to night and night turns to day, we wait for happiness, as an ocean waits for falling water, yet happiness is always with us, as are the colors. So as the sun rises once again, close your eyes and hold your heart, and let the sun warm your face. For the more your heart is open, the more you will see, your thoughts will be loud, and you will see yourself clearer than before, you will dream of multifarious colored rain, of thistle winds and of an aqua breeze. Everything is not what you see; it's only what you think you see, as tomorrow is today and today is tomorrow.

My beautiful life your allure is an enigma,  I have been pulled and swayed and pushed and pulled. I have followed and unfollowed, listened and forgot, but I now I only listen to you, and my own reason, I only follow your way, I only follow freedom and free thought, as does the wind. I want to flow as does the ocean, and I want to be random as is the storm, to fall as does the rain, and wake as does the sun. I want to be patient as is the tree, to live in your rhythm and not in their alcove of a time that has passed.

Are there really any rights or wrongs, or is there just change, as wrongs give birth to rights and rights cradle wrongs on a silent night and a wishful morning. Everything will come, and everything will go. So, for now, I stop in silence, those screams at night will fall in love with the morrow as I walk forward out of a shadow and into the colors.